Coming Thursday … Something Special

Hello Again,

Something Special will be available Thursday, January 25th. I wanted to give you a preview of these two crazy kids. Last time we saw Gabby and Jamal (in Safe Space) they were at each others’ throats. Looks like there’s no love loss between these two … or is there? We’ll see 😉

****Subject to Change ****

My mother gave me another quizzical look at the loud sigh I let out. “This is the new esthetician you were just talking about?” I narrowed my gaze on Gabby, doing my best to not let my eyes fall to the skin of her navel that was on display in the olive green tee she had tied up in a front knot. The skin tight jeans she wore with black boots that went all the way up to her thighs were hard to keep my eyes off of as well, but I managed.

“And here I thought the Universe was looking out for me today. Only to have the displeasure of running into you.”

Her voice always felt like it crawled underneath my skin just to singe the nerves residing there. The shit made me angry and my grip tightened around the cloth napkin in my lap.

“Do you two know each other?” my mother asked.

“Unfortunately,” we both responded at the same time, our gazes snapping to one another. I refused to acknowledge the feeling of the ground slipping from beneath me as we eyed each other. Nope, I was sure that was just my hunger talking.

“These two have a rather contentious relationship,” Chanel added.

I assumed she was speaking to my mother as my eyes were still trained on Gabby.

“We don’t have a relationship,” Gabby practically snarled.

“I’ll agree to that,” I spat back. “But I see you slinked out of the gates of hell just to partake in a lunch date with my dear cousin.”

“Jamal!” my mother protested.

“And I see you still haven’t managed to remove your head from your sphincter.”

“Gabby!” Chanel called. “Okay, you two, back to your corners,” she stated, coming in between Gabby and I, her swollen belly taking up the most space.


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