Landon Takes A Knee…

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While I’m waiting on the edits for Eric’s Inferno to come back, I decided to catch up on one of my couples. I was inspired by a recent news article about an NFL player taking a knee and thought, “Landon would totally kneel.” So, here’s a little bit of a follow up from Landon and Melody. Hope you enjoy! <3

(If you haven’t read Landon and Melody’s story, check them out here)


“Landon, tell us why you did it?” Andy, the top sportswriter at The Philadelphian thrusts his phone with the recorder turned on into my face after asking his question.

I’m so not in the mood for this shit, I think as I sit on a wooden stool in front of my team locker, surrounded by reporters asking the same question. Why did I kneel? I knew my actions would lead to this, the night of our team’s home opener. Of course, I knew, but right now I just want to go home and see my two favorite people in the world. The edges of my lips curl upward at the thought of home. Let’s get this shit over with, I surmise, at the same time, I continue packing up my duffel bag.

“The answer isn’t obvious, Andy?” I ask, looking up at the hunched over reporter from my stool.

“Well, we want to hear your side of the story,” he retorts.

I grunt at his answer and roll my shoulders back starting to feel the ache of the two tackles I received out on the field. Our home opener was a “W” for us, but it hadn’t come easy.

“You want to know why I took a knee during the National Anthem?”

“Yes, what made you kneel?”

I look from Andy to the reporters surrounding me, and then to the guys on my team still mingling around the locker room. Some are sitting on their stools surrounded by reporters just like I am. I peek over my left shoulder at my best friend and my number one defender on the field, Tank. He’s been my best friend since our college days, more than a decade ago.

Slowly, I turned back to the reporters in front of me. “I did it for the guys on my team. Look around,” I gesture my head around the locker room. “I’m the minority in this room, and often out on the field. But I never thought much about that. As long as I performed no one cared about my race. Unfortunately, that’s not how the outside world works.” I look Andy square in the eye as I rise from the stool, now towering over him. “Did you know Tank was once almost arrested just walking across campus?” I see Tank’s head pop up from the reporters surrounding him. “We were sophomores walking back to the dorm after a party and someone called the police. They came up on us, guns out, demanding to know who we were, but they focused on Tank. Those cops pretty much ignored me until I told them my name and then his. It wasn’t until they recognized who he was and that he was a member of the team, that they settled down, put their guns away. Later, one of the officers even asked us both for an autograph,” I added that last part through gritted teeth, pissed at the memory.

That was the first time I’d ever seen police be so hostile without provocation. It was the first time I saw with my own eyes how different someone could be treated based on their race. I tried to convince Tank to make a complaint after the incident with the campus police department, but he just shrugged and told me to forget about it. Unfortunately, I did.

“I’ve heard stories but that was the first time I saw, up close, the disparity injustice when it comes to race. I used to think football was the best thing that ever happened to me. But I was disavowed of that notion almost two years ago when I met my wife. And three months ago she gave me the greatest gift anyone could ever give. She made me a father. I am now the father of a little boy whose skin is darker than mine, and as much as it makes my stomach turn the reality is, people will see him differently because of it.” I pause, taking time to swallow down the revulsion and anger that knowledge causes me. “I made a promise to do everything in my power to protect my son the day that he was born. So today, on the home opener of our season I did what I needed to, to live up to that promise. I took a knee to acknowledge the fact racial injustice is alive and well in our world, and it’s up to every one of us to stamp it out. I’ll continue to take a knee for the foreseeable future. And whoever has an issue with that, can come see me about it.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse me,” I glance around at the reporters, “I have somewhere I need to be.”

I grab my belongings and head to the showers to wash off the sweat, dirt, and grit of the last few hours, all the while, rushing to get the hell out of this stadium.

“Hell of a speech,” Tank grunts, clapping me on the back as we head towards the doors that lead to the parking lot. We drove into the stadium together since we live in the same gated community–a community our real estate company built. I moved Melody and I into our new home when she was six months pregnant.  

“Get the hell outta here,” I shrug him off.

“Pretty boy takes a knee. I can see the headlines already,” he laughs.

“Yeah, what about you? I wasn’t the only one kneeling out there.”

“True, but I’m not the franchise player.”

I open my mouth to respond when I hear someone call my name from behind us.

“Landon, I know you weren’t trying to sneak out. I’m fielding calls left and right,” My assistant, John huffs.

I frown. “I wasn’t sneaking any damn where. I’m going home,” I tell him, sternly. “I suggest you do the same.” Before I can fully turn he starts up again.

“You can’t. The owners are in an uproar! Of course they won-” his words are cut off by my raised hand.

“We’ll deal with it tomorrow. I just played a tough game and the last thing I want is to look at your ugly mug, or this guy’s,” I gesture to Tank. “I’d much rather be looking into my wife’s face, so I’ll make this the last thing I say to you tonight. Take. Your. Ass. Home.”

With that, I turn from John and head towards the parking lot where I’ve parked. It takes about forty minutes to get from the stadium to the suburbs we now live in. The ride is mostly silent and I drop Tank off, before pulling up to my home only a few doors down. I look up from my driver’s seat and a warm feeling spread throughout my chest when I see the dim light of the master bedroom.

“Home sweet home.”


It’s after eleven o’clock when I step foot over the threshold from the garage into the mudroom of our 6,000 square foot home. I toe off my shoes, grinning as I remember the fuss Melody put up over the size of our house. She insisted we didn’t need such a huge home, but I informed her, I planned on filling this space with our babies. Of course, I got my way.

I pad my way through the mud room, down the hall, past the kitchen and up the stairs that lead to the master bedroom. I don’t even bother to glance at the nursery across from our bedroom. Our son, Landon Jr., rarely sleeps in his crib. At three months, Melody swears he’s too little to sleep that far from us. I push the door of our master bedroom open and my breath hitches, per usual.

In our sprawling California King Bed lays my wife, skin the color of cinnamon, thick thighs that I adore and curves galore. My mouth waters and my fingers ache to feel the smoothness of her skin under their tips. She doesn’t even stir as I move in closer, standing at the foot of the bed. She’s asleep, our little bundle of joy perched in her lap. My eyes move higher up her body and my cock stiffens at the sight of her bare breast exposed, the other one covered by her pink silk robe. She’s fallen  asleep while breastfeeding.

I move to the side of the bed and lean down, brushing my lips across her warm forehead, and then reach for our son. Melody stirs at the cooing sounds our baby makes. Her eyes flutter open, first landing on her lap and I see the panic in them when she sees the baby is no longer there. The panic subsides when she looks up to see me holding him. When her lips spread into the smile she reserves just for the two of us, my cock jerks again, my eyes once again, going down to her exposed breast. I lick my lips on instinct.

Melody notices my look and looks down, and to my chagrin, covers herself. “Good game tonight,” she whispers.

“You watched?” I smirk and begin rocking Landon Jr. to keep him from waking.

Sheepishly, Melody looks down at her lap before looking back at me. “I tried, for Junior,” she smirks. My wife still isn’t much of a football fan.

“You watched daddy win tonight?” I coo to Junior and press a kiss to his cheek.

“He did and to celebrate, he had a poop explosion all over mommy,” Melody says, rising up on her knees to come closer to us.

“Atta boy!”

“Yeah, next time, I’m saving it for you to clean up,” she teases.

“Fine by me. Come here,” I lean down, beckoning her to give me a kiss. She obliges and I securely hold Junior against me while I capture my wife’s lips. The wave of energy that always occurs when we kiss is there and my jeans begin feeling even tighter. Before we can take this any further, Junior needs to go to his room.

“Hold that thought, babe. Junior’s going to spend some time in his nursery.”

“Landon he can-” her protest is silenced by my kiss. “I’ll be right back,” I say with finality.”

I briskly exit our bedroom and enter Landon Jr’s nursery, and strut over to his crib. I hold him in my arms and just stare at him, memorizing every inch of his face. His skin is the color of honey, darker than mine, but lighter than Melody’s–the perfect mix of us. Other than skin tone, he’s totally and utterly my kid. Looks just like me. He’ll be tall like me and has the makings of a football player already. And even though they’re shut right now, I picture his hazel-golden eyes. I hold him up to me, inhaling his scent. His smell reminds me of his mother. And just like last night, and the night before that, and nights before that since he was in his mother’s womb, I tell him.

“Sleep tight, buddy. Dad’s got your back.”

I swear he understands because he stirs a little and sighs, relaxing back into his comfortable sleeping state.

“Right now I need some of your mama,” I add, placing him in the crib and cover him with the baby blanket. I click on the baby monitor that allows us to see everything in the nursery. There’s no way Mel would let him out of her sight even for a little while without this thing.

I make my way back to our bedroom and see Mel’s attention is on our television. I frown when I see that space between her eyebrows knitted. I turn to the television and see the replay of me kneeling during the Anthem and then my post-game interview. I strut over to the t.v. and hit the power button, bringin Melody’s attention back to me. She sits up on her knees, eyeing me as I approach her.

“You made quite a stir tonight.”

I raise an eyebrow. “Did I?” I run my finger along her jawline, down the column of her neck and push her robe off her shoulder. I bend down to kiss it and be bite it. I feel her shudder. Her body’s reaction to my touch always turns me on.

“L-Landon, you didn’t tell me you were g-going to do that,” she stutters.

“Didn’t I?” I ask distractedly, now kissing up her neck and taking her earlobe into my mouth to suck on it.

She sighs.

I cover her mouth with mine. I can tell she still wants to talk but I’ve said all I needed to say. I’m done talking for the night. Right now, I need in between my wife’s thighs.

I savor the taste of her, my lips hungrily devour hers, at the same time my hands move to cover and squeeze her breasts through  her robe.

“Hsss. Landon, my breasts are sore,” she moans.

“Let me make it better, baby.” I push down the sides of her robe and her full breasts and erect nipples stand at attention. They’re bigger since she birthed Junior. I lean down and circle one nipple with my tongue and then the other, before using both my hands to push them together, sucking on both breasts. I’m spurred on by the mewling sounds Melody makes. I pull back slightly, attempting to pull her robe completely off, but I’m stopped by her hands.

I look up to see the look of uncertainty she’s giving me. My eyes narrow and my temper begins to flare at the insecurity I see in her eyes. I immediately step back and go over to the light switch on the wall, flicking it on. Melody’s light brown eyes bulge.

“Landon, turn off-”

“No,” I say sternly, cutting her off. “Take off the damn robe,” I demand.

She hesitates and I have to inhale deeply to control my temper. “Melody, unless you want me to rip the damn thing to shreds, you’ll take it off. Now!” I growl, pacing towards her.

That uncertain look remains, but she complies and lets the robe fall completely away from her body, leaving her in just a pair of panties.

“Move your hands.” My voice is low, firm.

Her hands lower from her belly, exposing the soft flesh, lined with a number of stretch marks. I grip her waist and lean down. Melody intakes a sharp breath as I kiss each one of her stretch marks, loving on the place where my son grew and developed for nine months.

“Don’t ever try to hide from me,” I say, now looking her in the eye.

“I wasn’t hiding.”

“Liar.” I run my hand down her belly and into the boy short panties she’s wearing, cupping her sex. I place my other hand lightly around her neck, forcing her to look at me.

“Every inch of this delectable body belongs to me. You’re mine. All of you. Understood?” I stare at her.

“Understood,” she finally answers.

I plunge my tongue into her mouth, licking and tasting everywhere I can reach. My fingers curl and I insert two digits into her wet canal. Melody cries out into my mouth. This isn’t the first time we’ve been intimate since Junior was born, but with me being away for camp and the new season, it’s only been the second or third time. I hate that my wife is insecure about her body after having a baby. I’m not about to let that happen.   

“Fuck,” she whispers lowering her head into my neck and gripping my shoulders with her hands.

“Are you gonna come for me?” I ask before licking the side of her neck.

“Y-yes,” she purrs.

I insert a third finger inside her and piston in and out. “So fucking tight. I don’t think you’re ready for my cock.”

“Landon,” she moans, almost whining. The sound of my name filled with her hunger for me, sends my cock pressing painfully against the zipper of my jeans.

“Now, Melody. Come for me now!” I growl in her ear at the same time I press my thumb against her clit.

“Shit!” she yells, her body trembling as she comes for me, just as I ordered.

“Lay down,” I say at the same time I press her shoulders to make her lie on the bed, and strip her of the underwear.

“L-Landon we should talk about tonight,” she pants.

“Fuck talking,” I say tossing my t-shirt over my head and unbuttoning my jeans.

“I’m serious,” she slurs, still intoxicated from her first orgasm.

“So am I. The only thing I wanna discuss is how good my dick feels while inside you.” I push down my pants and boxers, my cock springing outward, aimed at my wife. “Spread your legs. Let me see what’s mine,” I order, placing my knee on the bed and moving towards her.

Just as I knew she would, Melody, obliges, planting her feet and spreading her legs allowing me to see the pink paradise between her legs. For a moment, my brain short-circuits and I can’t decide what I want to do first. Use my mouth or my cock?

“Landon, the owners, and fans are all going to have something to say,” she says, breaking my concentration on her pussy.

“Let ‘em,” I grunt.


I move quickly to cover her, my mouth on hers as I hover above her. “Fuck them,” I say once I pull back.

She eyes me, concerned. “I’m worried.”

I hate the twinge of fear I hear in her voice.

“Don’t be,” I whisper against her lips at the same time, my cock breeches her entrance. “You’re mine. You and Landon Jr. are the only things that matter to me. My life doesn’t mean shit if I don’t protect you two. I will kneel, sit, stand and honor the both of you in any way I can until my last breath,” I grit the last part out, pushing all the way inside her. Her gasp and the tears in her eyes are my undoings.

“I love you,” I said as I proceeded to move in and out of her.

“I love you,” she responds and aside from my son’s coos that were the best thing I’d heard all day.

“Say it again,” I command, pulling all the way out until just the tip of my cock was inside her, and then pushed back inside her so forcefully the headboard pushed against the wall.

“Oh God!” Melody moaned her hips rising to meet mine, arms locked around my back.

“Say it again, baby.” Another press of my hips into hers.

“I love you.”

“Good girl.” I take both her wrists in my hand, pushing her hands against the pillow and capture her mouth, at the same time I pump into her hot channel. “Fuck!” I yell.

“Fuck me, Landon!” Melody urges.

“Goddammit, I love it when you talk like that, baby.” I move both her wrists in one hand and used my other arm to raise her leg over my shoulder, rutting into her core.

“That feel good?” I grunt, my hips taking on a mind of their own. Melody’s hips rise against me, her head lifting, silently begging to feel my lips on hers. With such plump lips like that, who am I to turn down such an invitation?

Our mouths fuse together, grunting and moaning in each other’s mouths we both race to reach our climax.



We yell each other’s names as our orgasms slam into us. I flex my hips, wringing out every last second of my orgasm, before collapsing onto Melody. Her arms and legs wrap around me even tighter,  taking all of my bodyweight. I brace her hips and turn us so she’s now laying on top of me. I use my hand to push her tangled curls out of her face.

“I meant everything I said.”

She grins down at me. “I know.” Her head dips and she presses a kiss to my lips.

Any response I have is cut off by the sharp wail that comes through the baby monitor. Melody starts to move, but I stop her.

“I’ll go.”

“You sure?”

I give her a look. “Don’t move. Stay right in that position for when I get back,” I say smacking her ass. I smirk at her giggle, and get up to put on my boxer briefs and tend to my son. I turn to look over my shoulder as I step outside the room to see Melody now laying on her back.

“You’re going to pay for moving,” I growl.

“I’m counting on it,” she answers, saucily, winking at me.

I growl turning to go back and put her over my knee, but Landon Jr. will not be ignored. Another loud wail reminds me that my little guy was upset about something.

I would go tend to my son first, put him to sleep and then remind my wife of what happens when she fails to follow my directions before putting her to sleep as well. It was going to be a long, fun night.


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  1. Dawn
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    They are one of my favorite couples so I am glad for this excerpt but now it makes me want another book about them. LOL 🙂

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      Lol! We’ll see if they give me any inspiration in the future.

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    (I hope Tasha and Jeremy get an update short story. Hint hint. Lol)

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      They’re so dang cute! Haha

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    Love it!

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    I love all of your books but Melody and Landon are favorites if mine. Thanks for the timely follow up. It was like hearing from old friends again.

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    This is beautiful, looking forward to more of your books.

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    This is beautiful and I am looking forward to more stories from you.

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      <3 Thank you. I'm looking forward to writing more lol ;)


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