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My Storm Synopsis

****Warning: This is a BDSM romance. ****

Writing has always been Tasha Edwards’ means of escape. When the world around her was falling apart, and the adults she was supposed to depend on turned on her, it was her vivid imagination and storytelling that got her through the rough times. As an adult, it is this very passion for writing that has made her a New York Times’ bestselling author. She couldn’t ask for much more, with a thriving career and now being reunited with the older sister who always looked out for her. Tasha’s on the cusp of writing the fourth book in her highly popular series. But what happens when the words stop coming? After months of writers’ block, Tasha looks to somewhat unconventional means to distract her from her inability to write; a distraction by the name of Jeremy Bennett, the very sexy cousin of her new brother-in-law.

Jeremy noticed Tasha the first time he laid eyes on her. He also told himself she was off limits. That look of sadness that always hid deep in those golden-colored orbs warned him that she had an ugly past. It takes one to know one. After one dance with Tasha at his cousin’s wedding, Jeremy promises himself he’ll keep away from the beautiful woman with skin the color of dark chocolate, killer curves, but a dark past. Now, if he can only keep her out of his dreams at night. He manages for a while, but when Tasha initiates the first move, can he turn her away? Is Tasha ready for everything that comes with being Jeremy Bennett; floggers, ball gags and nipple clamps included?

Cover (and Title) Reveal

Hello Everyone,

Two weeks ago I told you Tasha and Jeremy’s story was definitely in the works and coming soon. As of today it is still in editing, after some much needed revisions, but the process is moving along. I do have the book cover and title so I wanted to share that with you.

I present to you the cover for My Storm


Been Gone for a Minute Now I’m Back Again

Hello Everyone,

Okay, I know it’s been a looooong time since I’ve been around. I apologize for that. I have been writing in that time, but Tasha and Jeremy’s story had me going through it. It took a couple of rounds of editing, putting the story down and starting another story and then coming back to them to FINALLY get to a place where I felt comfortable submitting my book for editing with my publisher. I apologize for the wait, just know that Jeremy and Tasha’s story is close to being complete and being worked on by the editor. In the meantime I’ve begun writing my next story so *crossing fingers* it will not be nearly as long a wait in between books. Okay, with all of that said how about another sample and some pictures from Jeremy and Tasha?

Returning to the present moment, I hear the front door open and close. Butterflies immediately start fluttering in my belly. That happens whenever I’m anywhere near this man. I hear him making his way to the kitchen. I take out a spoon from the drawer wanting him to taste a sample of tonight’s dinner before he goes up to take a shower and get out of his work clothes. However, as soon as I look up from the stove into those dark green pools of his, I know he is not thinking about dinner, at least, not the dinner on the stove. He leans his long, solid body against the edge of the kitchen entrance, staring at me. I know that look.
“Hi.” My voice already breathless.
“Hello,” he returns looking me up and down, pausing to take in the outline of my ass in the long skirt I’m wearing. I know he’s assessing whether or not I have panties on, which would be breaking one of his rules–no panties while in my home. Realizing I indeed am naked under the skirt, he raises his gaze to look me in the eye at the same time he raises his hands to the collar of his shirt. Deftly, he removes his dark blue silk tie. That move alone has my insides buzzing in anticipation but I try to keep it under control.
“How was your day?” I decide to play coy, pretending not to realize what type of mood he’s in. Something has him needing to release some extra energy. And that knowledge alone has my pussy pulsing in anticipation.
“Hands behind your back,” he gets straight to the point.
I tease him as I turn the stove off and cover the pots. “No answer to my question?”
He stalks towards me with narrowed eyes and growls lowly in his throat. “Love,” he scolds.
“I just want to know how your day was?”
“Mine is about to get a lot better. Yours may get a lot worse if I have to repeat myself.”
Biting my lower lip to keep from grinning, I slowly move my hands to my lower back. Quickly, I feel Jeremy’s strong hands take ahold of mind, twining the silk tie around my wrists securely, but not tight enough to cut of circulation or cause pain. He begins gathering my skirt at my waist, groaning when makes contact with the skin of my backside.
“No panties.” I hear the satisfaction in his voice.

Jeremy & Tasha


Forever is HERE!!

Get into Landon and Melody’s continuing romance and find out if they will make it to Forever. Click here

Forever Cover

Forever Cover

Forever Cover


Hello All,

How’d you like that fan fiction tease? I hope you enjoyed it. Anyway, Tasha and Jeremy’s story is still in the works, but I have another book coming before theirs. If you read the 7 Degrees of Alpha book (link here), featuring myself and six other Jessica Watkins Authors, you should be familiar with Melody and Landon’s story. It may have seemed that their story was complete, but they’ve got more to say. Their book is entitled “Forever” and is a novella. Below is the cover:

Forever Cover

I just LOVE this cover so much! Forever will be out sometime before the end of August. In the meantime, be on the look out for some snippets, either here or on my FaceBook fan page!



Flash Fiction!

Hello All!

A few IR authors and myself have decided to do a Flash Fiction. This is when we are given a picture of someone or something and have to come up with a very short story (500 words or less) about it. While I can’t guarantee I will participate in this every month, I was inspired to do so for this month’s image. The picture below reminded me of a character whose story I’m in the beginning stages of writing, so why not make the image about a scene that’s been floating around in my head right? Right. The characters for this month’s Flash Fiction are Jeremy and Tasha. Also, if you want more Flash Fiction, please check out the other authors who are participating. Their blogs are listed below. Enjoy!

*Tasha and Jeremy*

 I Have Something to Ask You


“Okay, Tasha, just breathe,” I repeat over and over as I climb out of my Corolla in front of Jeremy’s house. His home is beautiful with its stone siding and perfectly manicured lawn. Noting the garage door is open, I decide to walk up the driveway instead of the path leading to the front door. I’m about three-quarters of the way to the garage door entrance, when I look up and halt in my tracks. Standing there in all of his six-foot two, tanned skin, dark-haired glory is the man I came to see. Shirtless. Holy shit is that a nipple piercing? My mouth becomes dry as the Sahara. I let my eyes rummage over his masculine chest and abs covered in an array of tattoos. My feet move on their own, needing to get closer. I’ve barely noticed that he’s stopped what he’s doing to silently watch me.

            “What are you doing here?” his gruff voice draws my attention.

            I look up at those piercing green eyes.

            “Uh, I’ve come to see you,” I manage to squeak out.

            He raises a dark eyebrow, as he pulls a rag from the back of his jeans pocket, wiping his hands. That movement draws my attention to his strong hands. I remember what those hands felt like on my skin the other night at the club. I notice the leather wrist cuffs he is still wearing, the same ones he had on that night. I lick my lips, unconsciously, wondering all the things those hands could do to me.

“Well, you’ve seen me,” he says, almost dismissively, as he tosses the rag to the other side of the garage and steps closer to me. “Is that all you wanted?”

“N-no,” I answer, clearing my throat. “I-I wanted to ask you something.”

His gaze rummages over my entire body, taking in my distressed jeans, off the shoulder t-shirt, and strappy sandals. “So, ask,” his voice is low, seductive.

I inhale deeply before pushing a breath out. Here goes. “I want you to teach me. What I saw at the club the other night. I want to know more and I want you to be the one to teach me.” There I’ve said it.

“You want me to be your Dom?” he questions, tilting his head to stare at me.

I nod.


“Because I-I think you can show me…” I trail off.

“Show you what?”

“What it’s like to experience pleasure in my own body.” Damn, those words were harder to say than I thought.

At that admission Jeremy raises his eyebrows in realization. “You’ve never had an orgasm?” he asks.

Hearing the words out loud makes me feel foolish, immature and I lower my gaze to the ground, shaking my head.

He turns and walks back over to straddle the motorcycle he was working on, folding his arms and lowering his chin to rest on his forearms, staring at me intently.

“No,” he says with finality.

My heart sinks.                

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This Is Where I Sleep: The First Time They Met

Fall 2000

“Welcome to Harvard’s ROTC Program, recruits…” our PT instructor began his spiel that I was sure no one was listening to. It was our first week of early morning PT and my eyes were still fighting to remain open. A few of my friends behind me joked about some of the girls in our program. I’d admit I wasn’t expecting there to be much eye candy in an ROTC program, but looking around I thought a few girls may be worth getting to know. I’d been fucking since the age of fifteen and college now offered a new world of random pussy to get lost in. I was up to the challenge.

“Damn, who’s that?” I heard, Damon ask behind me, with awe in his voice.

I turned to see where he was looking and my breath caught. At about five-six, rich mocha-colored skin, a heart shaped face, made less innocent by intense hazel eyes, there she stood. At eighteen, I still had yet to get used to my physical reactions towards the opposite sex, and I was surprised by my immediate physical response to her. She was dressed in the same ROTC sweat pants and shirt we all were in, but I could see those sweats hid a body made for sin. I heard Damon mumbling about wanting to get to know her and before he got the chance I cut him off and strolled over to her.

“Aww, man, you can’t handle that.”

I tossed him a middle finger and continued on. I was a cocky son of a bitch. I knew my height, tanned skin courtesy of many days spent underneath the Texas sun, and green eyes left women a decade older than me stuttering. I moved up close to her, and reached for a lock of her hair. Don’t ask me why I did that, I just had an insane urge to touch her.

“Today might just be your lucky day,” I murmured low in her ear, twirling her hair in between my fingers.  

Stunned, she jumped back and glared at me. “Excuse you?”

Her voice sent shivers down my spine. Not taking heed of the fire blazing in her eyes, I took a step closer. “I said…today is your lucky day, sweetheart.”

She paused and looked me up and down. “And why is that?” she asked.

I chuckled and gave her the most seductive wink I’d perfected. “Because you just caught my eye.” 

She looked me up and down again, scornfully, and in pure Coral fashion handed me my ass.

“If today is my lucky day, I should have stayed in bed. Don’t ever touch me again.” And then turned and walked away.

The snickers from behind me alerted me that Damon and our other friends heard the entire exchange. I tucked my proverbial tail between my legs and returned to my group, but continued to stare at the first girl to ever reject me and turn me on at the same time.

This Is Where I Sleep: Blurb

Hello Again!

Didn’t think you’d see me so soon, huh? Well, I’m going to try my best to never be gone as long as last time. Anyway, I just finished the blurb for This Is Where I Sleep and wanted to share it with you all. First, I’ll let you all in on a secret of mine. I dislike writing blurbs. Seriously, it consists of condensing 70k+ words into less than 200. In the blurb you want to write enough so readers get a gist of the story and become interested enough to read it, but NOT give the good parts away. *Sighs*. I’m not complaining though, I love writing and sharing these stories with you. So here it is:

Blurb: This Is Where I Sleep 

For more than a decade life has been one mission after another for Coral Coleman. This time, Coral is on a mission to find out who tried to kill her two years ago. Unfortunately for whoever it was, they missed her, but took out two of Coral’s teammates—that, she takes personally. Coral has searched far and wide for the elusive “Ghost” who apparently has it out for her. She comes one step closer to finding him when a case involving Bennett Industries falls into her lap.

There’s just one problem.

The current CEO of Bennett Industries is Liam Bennett, the man who was Coral’s best friend turned lover turned heart breaker when he walked away from her without any explanation and married another woman.

            For the last five years Liam Bennett has been on his own mission—maintaining control of Bennett Industries while plotting to take down the one man who has kept him from the love of his life. When Coral re-enters Liam’s world for this case, once-buried feelings emerge and secrets are revealed, but most of all, a connection that cannot be denied resurfaces. Liam resolves to put this case to an end and reclaim the woman he has always wanted. He will have to overcome vindictive family members, betrayal by someone in his inner-circle, and most of all, have to work to convince the very stubborn Coral that with him is where she belongs.


I Haven’t Forgotten About You! (And Cover Reveal)

Hi All!

It has been SO long since I’ve updated this blog and I apologize for that. It was never my intention to go this long without posting anything, but your girl has been busy. Busy writing!


This Is Where I Sleep


Yup this is my next book entitled This Is Where I Sleep. And for those who have been asking, yes, this is Coral’s story. If you’ve read Black Butterfly (of course you have!), you will know that Coral is Stacey’s older, kickass sister. Well, Coral’s got a love story to tell and we can’t wait to share it with you. The release date for This Is Where I Sleep is June 3rd. Over the next couple of weeks I will be dropping more information including excerpts, bios of the main characters and the story blurb. Stay tuned!

*Also, I just realized that we are a little more than a month away from the one year anniversary of my first published book, Black Pearl. I think maybe, a short story from Devyn and Nikola, just to catch up on the anniversary would be fun. What do you think?

**Lastly, I’m considering starting a private FaceBook page. There I’ll share upcoming release dates, try to get author interviews/chats, discuss other books in the genre and just have fun. Would anyone be interested in that?




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